tincatcafe is a café, restaurant & gallery set in an historic Victorian terrace in Rundle St, Kent Town. We offer lunch Wednesday to Sunday and dinner Tuesday to Saturday, with brunch available on the weekends from 9am. Our food offers a nod to our local cuisine heritage, and climate, with broad Mediterranean influences, spanning Morocco, Spain & France, Greece, Italy & beyond. Our food is seasonal, our service is informative and friendly. The menu is served against an ever-changing backdrop of artworks by emerging local artists - currently UNSEEN WORLDS by emerging artists Jaimes Nagel and Zoe and Annika Gardner....Bronwyn Kelly, Reilly O'Loughlin and Harriett McKay also on show. BEGIN LINK CODE ---------- Tin Cat Cafe Restaurant and Gallery --------- END LINK CODE -----------
lunch Wednesday to Sunday from noon dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 6 brunch weekends from 9 and all the way through til 2 on Sunday!!

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